Womens Riding Boots is among the many fashion blog designs I created before. It is a fashion blog about the best classy and trendy riding boots.

Fashion Blog Design Basics and Application Process

Fashion blog design follows the same design principles with other blogs.

Blog or weblog is a discussion or informational website published on the internet according to the wikipedia.  So what are the basic principles of a blog design?

Firstly we agreed on the features of the blog with the client. Apparently he did not request a magazine or newspaper website with enormous flow of the content.

It would host around 20-30 article in a very specilized niche. This website would have reviews instead of articles or blog posts.

We focused on the navigation and simplicity in the design. Since the simple designs promotes and showcases better the products compared to the complicated ones.

The second request was a website which requires no coding knowledge. Together we researched our options. The market was dominated by WordPress even though I offered alternatives like Webflow and Squarespace.

The final request was to build a website with SEO capabilities.

Although SEO success is also based on off-site factors as well as on site practices.

Divi or Extra Theme with WordPress was the most affordable yet the best solution for this project.

After creating a simple mockup and wireframe, I offered the sample moodboard and design tone for the website. This task also included the brand identity and logo creation.

I created a logo evokes luxury and elegance feeling. This feeling should have been dominant on the website. Horse riders are usually wealthy people.

Application and Finalization of Fashion Blog Design

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