Website design is a complex process but the aim is to deliver an easy to use product.

Schooner bar is a start up and realisation of a perfect dream bar with great craft beers, perfect wines and a cozy place for drink lovers.

Website Design with a Brand Identity

The owners had a well-designed brand identity; logo, typeface and brand colors with a brochure. Therefore I don’t have to create moodboards.

The bar, like many similar small enterprises, targets the mobile users and the website should look perfect on the smartphones.

From beginning to the end, we worked together with the bar owners. I applied the design strategy that I developed during my previous assignments, because a strategy ensures the success of the final product and eliminates the chance of failure.

It includes 7 steps:

  1. Goal Identification: Design of a website that targets the mobile users firstly and promotes the bar’s cozy environment, craft beers and delicious cocktails.
  2. Scope Definition: We decided on the pages and the features of the website. It would be less than 10 pages with a contact form and a menu page with allows the owners to edit it easily.
    We agreed on Tablepress to handle this task. It is a responsive, user friendly plugin that supports any theme you want to work for.
  3. Sitemap and Wireframe Creation: With the scope well defined. we started the wireframe creation and the information to be included in each page. The website would host 7 pages.
  4. Content Creation: The content was already created by the owners. There were 50 images and well written content that promotes the website.
  5. Visual Elements: This website design would be elegant as clearly stated by the owners.
    The keywords that describes the products were perfect, crafted and cozy places and they had already defined the tone of design. The visual elements like illustrations, icons and images follow the same tone of perfection and elegance.
  6. Developing and Testing: I proposed using Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. It is a newcomer friendly and easy to use. The owners are happy with using a premium theme with a visual builder. They also liked the support content and videos available for this theme.
    Then we decided not to use TablePress because the menu functionality is already provided by the visual builder.
  7. Launch: Once everything was working beautifully, we made it online!
© Schooner Bar

I am still maintaining this website  and making minor changes compatible with the design and brand identity.

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